White Patches in Children - Causes and Treatment

child with white patches

White Patches in Children - Causes and Treatment. The skin disease brought about by the deficiency of melanin is called Vitiligo, in which the shade of the skin ends up being light yellow or white.
Usually, its rate of occurrence is 1-2 out of 100 individuals. Although most pediatric vitiligo develops by the age of 5-15 years. Other than this, even children of 1 year aged can be influenced by this. Female children suffer more from this disease than the male one and for the most part, it starts with the segmental pattern of vitiligo.

In spite of the way that the patches can occur in any part of the body, but more common in the sun-exposed areas like face, hand, eyes, nostrils, mouth, chin, neck, elbows, knees, etc.

In India, this malady is called white leprosy (Shwet Kushta), which is scared in hearing. While it does not have any relation with Leprosy. Because Leprosy is an infectious disease and this may be conceivable by contacting someone else.
White spots on the other side is a non-contagious disease which cannot occur at all touching anyone.

It cannot be viewed as a physical illness because it only exposes the cosmetic problems.

Most little children are not serious about their disease because of their underdeveloped mental state. For the most part, they are not aware of their looks, but their parents get caught in the snare of anxiety.

If the affected patient is a female child, then this tension is in worse condition, especially in Indian society.

When the child starts to grow older, then his mental condition hit their self-confidence.

For this reason, Vitiligo suffering children can catch an inferiority complex very soon that often keeps going throughout the whole life if they do not get emotional or psychological support from parents or other relatives.

What are The Common Causes of White Patches on a Child’s Face?

Why does Vitiligo happen in kids? It has no clear answer in medical science till date. Different experts clarify diverse reasons for Vitiligo and their theories are variable.

Some experts consider this as an autoimmune disease. In which immune systems begin to devastate color, giving cells (Melanocytes) which causes white spots.

Then again, some experts think it's a genetic problem. If you focus around theories at that point, both seem right. What's more, both the variables can be found separately in different kids.

As indicated by an estimation, in 25-30% of the cases, the child's family history definitively exits.

Besides this, there are other reasons for having Vitiligo in children, such as Autoimmune thyroid disease, Alopecia areata, Diabetes mellitus, Psoriasis, Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, Pernicious anemia, Systemic lupus erythematosus, Atopic dermatitis, Pemphigus vulgaris, Inflammatory bowel disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, etc.

Other triggering factors 

Physical stress, surgeries, injuries, and burns - Sometimes there may be lack of pigmentation or a delay pigmentation on the injured or burnt part of the body too.

Worm Infestation

Some specialists believe that children may have white spots due to worm infestation. In any case, there is little uncertainty in this fact. Regardless, if the worm infestation is suspected at that point you should give an anthelmintic medicine.

child with white patches

Tinea Versicolour

It is an annoying fungal disorder brought about by a sort of yeast named Malassezia. This disorder additionally called Pityriasis versicolour and causes white patches, psoriasis, and dandruff as well.

 Sometimes it triggers itchiness in the white stained skin that can be lighter or darker. It can be seen on the kid's chin, face, cheeks, neck, shoulder, and stomach.

Children dwelling in a damp atmosphere are mostly influenced by it.
Excessive sun exposure can cause patches to grow more.

Poor hygienic condition of the kids may be the primary driver of this disease. To prevent this condition, children need special attention to their living state.
The infection can be easily controlled with a couple of fungistatic drugs like clotrimazole, and miconazole that is openly accessible as topical lotions, creams, etc. but the normal color of the skin takes months to restore.

Malnutrition (Vitamin Deficiency)

Nutritional deficiencies and unnecessary intake of preserved, fridged, and junk foods may also cause white patches on the face of many children. Some children become setback of malnutrition.

Therefore, their parents will have to focus on this with the objective that they cannot be affected by white patches due to malnutrition.

child with white patches

As indicated by therapeutic science, lack of vitamin B definitely triggers less production of melanin that can provoke white patches. Lack of calcium, zinc, and other minerals can also get this disease.

Therefore, to recover from this condition, get help from a qualified dietician.


A couple of reasons behind white spots are Sunburns, UVR, Birthmarks, Chemicals (Phenols, Quinones, Mercaptoamines, Catechols, Thiols, etc.), misuse of antibiotics in infectious conditions, endocrine issues in pregnancy, psycho-social instability, and shocks.

When to Consult a doctor?

Vitiligo takes place due to the above stated reasons. Most of them are harmless still we need to be careful regarding white spots because it can sometimes prove dangerous in neglected cases.

If you have got the following symptoms, consult the doctor immediately.

If intense itching is present.

Loss of sensitivity on skin stained area.

When the color of the spots started out converting into the red.

Tips To Coping With the Emotional Impact on account of pediatric Vitiligo

As a parent, there will be a lot to do to maintain your child's confidence and self-esteem. Below are some informative recommendations you could comply with:

Encourage your child approximately everything he works on like playing games, studying, or other creative works so that he/she could not be more worried about his disease.

In case your child asks for information about the disease, then tell as much detail as possible to you. Also, inform him that there is nothing to do extra with skin color.

Communicate together with your kid to get involved in any community of the children with vitiligo for their emotional support.

Do not longer reduce your love and affection for your child, especially when you find any depression or withdrawal symptoms. Simplify your presence against the child in all situations.

If experience yourself vulnerable somewhere, then try to get help with child counselor.

Talk the child's instructor when you need it.

It is extremely precious if you consult a doctor who is an expert in managing pediatric vitiligo.

Diagnosing Vitiligo

This is an easy-to-recognize disease.

Your doctor can easily diagnose it in a clinic visit.

He can ask you a few simple questions about a history of Vitiligo in your family, autoimmune disorders, any injury, burn or scalds, sunburn, severe skin rashes, nature of the job, etc.

Skin biopsy - The dermatologist can go for a skin biopsy but it's a very rare concern for confirming a case of Vitiligo.

By making use of Wood's lamp / UV lamp

This is a special type of device that can be used for Vitiligo Diagnosis.
With the help of this tool, generally, white spots are examined by means of sitting inside the dark room.

Home remedies for white patches on the face of the child consisting of a white spot on the cheek 

Below are a couple of home remedies for white patches on the face of a child including dry white patches on baby skin as well.

Always eat a healthy and well-balanced diet to hold a child's immunity.

Use sunscreen before the child is going out of doors.

Take proper hygienic care of the skin.

Pay more attention to green veggies and sweet fruits and always try to deliver a nutritious diet consisting of iron and calcium. 

It is miles a  part of treating white patches on face due to vitamin deficiency

If your baby has symptoms of worm infection, then offer medication for it.

If the fungal infection is present, then you can use antifungal cream or lotion.

Always keep in your mind that results can vary drastically.

Don't use chemical based soaps and creams for your kids.

How to treat White Spots on Child’s Face at Home?

Treatment of Vitiligo in children - There are special varieties of cosmetic items available in the market to deal with white spots.

On the recommendation of the doctor, you can use it for your child.

Try several types of products for your kid until a great deal gets achieved.
Use it only when your child feels comfortable with it.

Protect children from sunburn with sunscreens.

Apart from this, Steroidal creams, Immune modulators, Photochemotherapy with Ultraviolet A(PUVA), and Narrow-band ultraviolet B (UVB) therapy can also be used but under the supervision of the dermatologist.

Does your child be afflicted by Vitiligo? 

If your child is diagnosed with white patches then try to help him with proper treatment.

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