What is the Best Treatment For Vitiligo on Lips & Face?

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face

What is Vitiligo on the Lips and Face

Vitiligo on the lips and face is one of the skin issue marked by the constant loss of melanocytes, which are responsible for the formation of melanin in skin layers, resulting in white patches. It appears more clearly in people who have darker skin.

It is an immune system-borne skin disease that can be cured by treatment and lifestyle improvements. It can commence at any age, which is typically seen between the ages of 18 and 25 for the very first time and generally appears on the hands, feet, face, nose, and lips as they are exposed to maximum sun rays.
In most cases, the loss of skin color that can affect both the corner side of the lips in the mucous membrane of your mouth.
For patients with Vitiligo on the lips, are concerned more than just a health issue that always associated with social ignorance, low self-esteem, and unhappiness in Indian community because we frequently put a lot of emphasis on facial appearance to enjoy flawless and fair complexion forever.

Some facts about Vitiligo on the Lips and Face

  • For patients with vitiligo on the lips, the risk of spreading the patches increases as this part is more subjected to sunlight.

  • White spots are quickly cured on parts of the body that contains hair if we compare than non-hairy areas because here pigmentation happens soon.

  • The main sign of vitiligo is the destruction of the pigment cells that produce white patches on the skin.

  • It is tough to predict Vitiligo's nature and progression.

  • In a few of the cases, pigment loss may include the entire surface of the patient’s skin and sometimes, developing a patch without treatment automatically stops.

  • White spots on the lips can be due to many skin disorders along with other physical diseases and can cause seriousness.

  • If the patch is just around the lips and mouth, then finding solutions for the disorder is definitely more equitable.
  • The main objective of the treatment of vitiligo is to improve the melanin formation in the skin. In respect of the treatment of vitiligo on the lip often responds differently and similar kind of treatment cannot benefit everyone.
  • If Vitiligo is on the inner lips, then you'll find nothing more to do with it and there is no special need for treatment as well.
  • If you choose Ayurveda alternatively, then the treatment of lips is possible to some extent.
  • Skin creams and oral medicines are quite economical, but there may be a hold off in getting good results. 
        If the patch is more clear, then the patient can try to hide their patch from being seen on the face by using cosmetics along with other camouflage agents.  

  • On the basis of clinical results, the treatment of lips has been found to be difficult if compared to other parts of the body.
  • It is important in the condition of the reappearance of the spots, you consult the doctor and start treatment immediately as the lip is considerably more sensitive from sun-rays.

  • Modern medical science does not offer any effective treatment forVitiligo on the lip. On the other hand, traditional Ayurveda supplies the better treatment without side effects.

  • Traditional Ayurveda is based on the concept of balancing the factors of the body and treating the root causes of the disease.

  • Its treatment help reduces white spots and re-establish skin's natural color.

  • So complete treatment of lip Vitiligo can be obtained through conventional Ayurveda without a doubt.

How to get rid of Vitiligo on the lips permanently?

You can find two basic components of medicinal solutions - the foremost is to stop the spread of the disease and the second is to fill up the color. To experience the desired benefits, the patient must undergo treatment for at least 1/2 - 1 year. There are different ways in Ayurveda to do this, but variation can be found.
If you have tried modern treatment options and have not received the desired results, so you can trust Ayurveda.
If you abide by medical recommendations, you can see better performance.
If the patient is under 20, the treatment quickly responds with Ayurvedic medicines. On the contrary, if the patient is older, the treatment time will remain longer.

Some Effective Home Remedies To Treat Vitiligo on the lips

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face

Treatment of vitiligo on lips with Turmeric –

Turmeric is an effective home remedy for vitiligo because it stimulates the pigmentation of the skin. For best outcomes, mix turmeric powder and mustard oil together and apply it on the affected area.
You will observe that regular application of it can make an optimistic difference in the skin pigment. To making a paste, always use high-quality turmeric powder.

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face 2

Walnuts -

Walnuts are dried fruits which have many health benefits related to skin conditions. It can cure the body of Vitiligo. So eating walnuts on a regular basis can help in getting rid of Vitiligo.
Other than this, make the paste of Walnuts and apply it on the affected parts of the skin at least 2-3 times daily for better consequence. This can help reduce the white patches due to vitiligo.

Basil leaves  -

Because of the anti-aging properties found in basil leaves, it can be an important home remedy to deal with vitiligo. By making use of basil leaves and lemon juice paste increases the production of melanin on the skin.

Vitiligo on lips treatment with Psoralea seeds (Bakuchi seeds)

Psoralea seeds (Bakuchi seeds) are the time tested home remedy and essentially helpful in the restoration of skin color. Additionally, it is used as a part of ultraviolet phototherapy.
This is Vitiligo's most common home remedy that also has some side effects, so use it as per the doctor's advice. If itching is appeared by applying the paste then this treatment should be stopped immediately.

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face 3

Drink water from copper utensils

Drinking water from copper utensils is vital in combating Vitiligo.
For this purpose, water should be kept in a copper vessel for the whole night.
Drinking copper-treated water helps in the promotion of melanin (because it has a stimulating effect on melanocytes) in the body.

Red clay –

Red clay can be a good treatment for Vitiligo as it also includes copper content.
 Mix ginger juice in two large spoons of red clay and make a paste.
Apply it on the white patches on a daily basis.

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face 4

 Aloe Vera -

Aloe Vera has been used for skin diseases for a long time. It supports a healthy immune system response in vitiligo as it is filled with some important antioxidants, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and folic acid.
In addition, It is also stuffed with essential minerals such as copper, zinc, calcium, chromium, etc that are valuable ingredients to take care of vitiligo.

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face 5

Treatment of vitiligo on lips with Papaya - 

Papaya is really a beneficial fruit for wellbeing, which also performs against Vitiligo.
For this reason, rub the papaya pieces on the white patches and wash after drying out it. Always make an effort to drink papaya juice on a daily basis to refill up the lost melanin because of Vitiligo.

Radish seeds -

Radish seeds work nicely in the treatment of vitiligo. For better results, make a paste of radish seeds by utilizing a little bit of vinegar solution and put it on the white patches.  After about two hours, wash it.

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face 6

Pomegranate leaves

Grind some pomegranate leaves with a glass of water and sip it per day.

Neem leaves

For the treatment of vitiligo, chew up 3-4 leaves of Neem regularly. This is quite helpful in vitiligo management.

treatment for vitiligo on lips and face 7

Lemon & Apple cider vinegar -

You can use lemon, and apple cider vinegar to prevent Vitiligo from spreading as in the Ayurvedic arrangement of medicine, treatment is often combined to attain the best results.

Final thoughts about Vitiligo on the Lips and Face

In an Indian way of life, there is a big problem for women with vitiligo on the lips because of which it makes life difficult to live. It is not that only women are influenced by this disease, but the male being also becomes problematic. It has been already cleared from some comparative studies that women are usually the victim of social negligence in most cases since Vitiligo on the lips means less facial attraction which can keep the woman's life spoiled.

Probably, you may have wondered why I am only talking about women with vitiligo on the lips. Actually, Indian women experience more social problems as well as domestic challenges than men due to this condition.

They become an idol of hatred in society as well as family. Often the woman has to confront embarrassment during outdoor activities because people start out shrinking their nose after seeing him and sometimes whispers can start at a public place.

Due to the disregard and humiliation of the people, she soon becomes a victim of mental stress that can cause to feel inferiority deeply. Sometimes the closest friends also try to turn away from him, which hurts their self-confidence.

Apart from this, difficulties in getting married, divorce, break up of a relationship, ignorance of husband, job loss, etc. also appears.  All these are possible due to vitiligo only.

There is an old saying that the beauty of the woman is its real power. And by losing beauty, the woman can never turn out to be mentally satisfied. These are some variables which greatly influence their quality of life.

As we already know that lip vitiligo is due to the gradual loss of melanin from the superficial layer of the skin. Generally, it does not cause any organic harm that starts off with small spots on the lips and gradually turn into a large one.

Treatment of Vitiligo is used only for cosmetic reasons because there is no systemic sickness involved.

The results of treatments tend to be slow and sometimes it takes months to get pigmentation on the white patches. Therefore, the patient should not worry too much. It is also necessary to live a confident life.

Make use of Ayurveda for at least three months before going for any expensive treatment because it is the best option to fix it.

If the results are negative, then you'll be able to think for other treatment options.

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