How to cure Vitiligo associated with Anxiety? Home Remedies & Yoga for Vitiligo

vitiligo associated with anxiety and tension

How to cure Vitiligo associated with Anxiety? Home Remedies & Yoga for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin disorder that triggers depigmentation (white patches) of the skin resulting from loss of function of melanocytes. In this particular disorder, the body's immune system attacks and destroys the color-producing cells and makes the skin color chalky white. Most common autoimmune diseases associated with this disorder are thyroid malfunction, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia, and Addison's disease. Mental disturbances are common in this disease.

Stressful lifestyle, unrealistic worries, lack of firmness in
decision making, difficult work environment, personal issues, family problems,
heredity, overindulgence in sex, some diseases like psoriasis, thyroid
disorders, high blood pressure, alcoholism, smoking, etc are the main causes of
anxiety-related vitiligo or leucoderma.

Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are complementary therapies in
the case of Vitiligo and helps to keep both mind and body healthy. Exercise,
Yoga, and Pranayamas have a greater emphasis on the mind that accelerates and promotes brain function.

 Other benefits and great things about  Yoga and Pranayamas are stated below –

It enhances memory power.

Maintains proper blood circulation of the body.

Provides and preserves your eye health.

It increases body growth and tends to make Lung too energetic.

Apart from Vitiligo or white patches on skin, it can serve as a
cure for different diseases.

It helps improve RBCs.

It helps the brain cells to get clean that makes it youthful.

How to prevent Vitiligo associated with Anxiety and Mental tension

Tips to Stop Anxiety and mental tension in the case of Vitiligo or leucoderma –

  • Always consider a healthy and disciplined way of living to lead
a better life. For this purpose, do time management efficiently in stressful
condition to reduce anxiety associated with vitiligo and realize your potential
then simply set goals. Always remember, unrealistic desire can increase stress,
depression, and anxiety.

vitiligo associated with anxiety and tension

  • Stay away from excessive intake of coffee, tea, and cola drinks
because the abnormal amount of caffeine in the body may increases anxiety.

Other than this, create a distance from alcohol consumption and
smoking as well.

Some people use alcohol as self-medication to treat anxiety. In the starting period, it may be beneficial in some cases but it does not cure the problem permanently and can aggravate the condition in coming days.

  • Anxiety arises from fluctuations in the amount of
neurotransmitters such as serotonin in the brain and it is easily diagnosable
if there are personal reasons but do not require self-treatment, so always seek
a doctor’s advice otherwise it can be harmful.

  • Always pay attention to proper diet regimen, and sleeping
pattern to get the benefit for your mind and body.

  • If you are disturbed by social activities, unable to concentrate
yourself at work, struggling to handle responsibilities according to your
strengths, your mind is not as calm as the stagnant water, thoughts are
frequently crawling in the mind just like a snake, feeling annoyed or there is
absolutely no way to sit down together in peace, consult a doctor immediately
indigestion, acidity, gastric ulcer, etc.
otherwise you can be a victim of other diseases like tiredness, sleeplessness,
giddiness, headaches, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, diabetes,

  • Anxiety is a condition that increases the feeling of mental
stress and due to this, the mind and body are unable to relax.  And in
this condition, sweating, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate
increases and muscles become compressed or tighten as well. So we can say about
anxiety is a kind of a warning bell of different diseases.

  • If your familiar environment is not in good condition, the
depression rate can be higher.

  • Always keep in your mind, a well-meaning job can only be
performed by a qualified doctor that helps rebuild your confidence. So the
Patient with vitiligo and anxiety need to undergo appropriate screening for
good consequence.  

vitiligo associated with anxiety

Home remedies for Vitiligo/Leucoderma/White patches on the Skin

There are many modern AND latest treatments available for treating Vitiligo and white patches.
Common treatments for vitiligo are light therapy (phototherapy) and
topical medications. Apart from this, transplantation of melanocytes or
area in several cases of vitiligo.
surgical implant has shown promising results to regain color in the affected

If there is any unusual change in skin color, it is obligatory to visit a qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

Several pieces of medical research have already confirmed that
Ayurvedic herbs, seeds, nut, root, bark, leaf, spices, etc can cure
various diseases including Vitiligo associated with anxiety.

It is still practiced in this modern days because it has the power to protect the body from anxiety, vitiligo, and other health problems.

  • Flaxseeds:

This extremely nutritious ingredient that we Indians often use can eliminate disease-causing free radicals and germs and boosts the body's immunity.

  • Cinnamon:

Intaking half of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with lukewarm water with honey in the morning will not only lower blood sugar but also cure obesity as well as it lowers cholesterol levels.

It can relieve stomach pain due to over flatulence. So it can be a boon for vitiligo patient with stomach disorders.

  • Cloves:

This is one of the most powerful antioxidants spices that we use in our kitchen. It has a high impact on systemic toxins.  Its phytochemicals boost immunity and work to cleanse the body.

  • Ginger:

The root of this intensely aromatic herb is a divine medicine for blood purifying and detoxifying to the small intestine that eliminates the problems caused by food toxins.

One can use it in the form of a combination of holy basil, mint,
lemongrass, etc. for the best result.

  • Garlic:

It possesses sulfur which enhances the taste of cooking ingredients, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect against different kinds of skin-related issues including Leucoderma.

Instead of using it only, you can use it in regular foodstuffs such as broth, salad, green and leafy vegetables, etc.



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