Lukoskin: Top Ayurvedic Formulation to treat Leucoderma & Vitiligo

lukoskin for vitiligo or leucoderma

Lukoskin: Top Ayurvedic Formulation to treat Leucoderma & Vitiligo.

This article has a complete description of a well-known and time tested Ayurvedic formulation which is accessible in the market by the name of 'Lukoskin'. Apart from this, prescription admission strategy, dosage, abstinence, composition, and how they are useful in vitiligo, are expressed here in simple language.

This is a review of Lukoskin that discusses all the issues concerned with Leucoderma with treatment problems, and possible solutions.

What is Lukoskin Drug?

Lukoskin is a poly-herbal formulation which was launched by Dr. W. Selvamurthy (Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller Research & Development) on 7 September 2011 in New Delhi which is very famous today because it helps increase the melanin production on account of leucoderma/vitiligo.

This 'Lukoskin' labeled Ayurvedic remedy was developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Scientists after several comprehensive research & extensive work. This product was created under the leadership of Dr. Narendra Kumar (Ex-Director DARL) and supported team.

A while later, the formulae have been transferred to AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Limited, New Delhi for manufacturing and marketing of this research-based product with the goal that the overall population can get benefits from this medicine. 

Dr. Mohammed Junail, who is associated with the Aimil Pharmaceuticals (India) Limited, had revealed that his company had signed an agreement with DRDO for the business dispatch of Leukoskin.

Other than this, the drug was introduced firstly under the supervision of the Indian AYUSH Ministry at the International Health Festival 2017 in Delhi. 

This unique medicine Lukoskin is also on sale at the expo to be held with the World Ayurveda Congress.

Due to an increasing trend of people towards Ayurveda, the government wants to execute an arrangement to make drug open in the global market besides India.

So, now this Indian medicine is also gaining popularity abroad as many foreign companies have shown their interest in this drug and also keen on utilizing it. Sources uncover that agreements in this regard will be done with foreign companies soon. It is for this reason that 'Lukoskin' has started attracting the attention of pharmaceutical companies around the world.

After reviewing various studies, a team of international dermatologists stated in their review 'Herbal Compounds for Vitiligo: A Review' published last year that some herbal compounds may be considered substantial one for the treatment of vitiligo.

Important information (Highlights, Benefits, Overview, Features of Lukoskin):

 1. Ayurvedic Skincare / Exerts Photosensitisation - 

It is the best Skin Photo-sensitizer that activates Melanin synthesis and helps in the release of Sh-Group Bound Copper & L-dopa which stimulates Tyrosinase Activity and restores skin health and tinge. It Helps to initiate erythema on the spots of Vitiligo due to its furocoumarins contents on exposure to UV light or sunlight so it can be a long-lasting approach & comprehensive cure for leucoderma and vitiligo sufferers.

2. The polyherbal formulation used for Leucoderma/ Vitiligo due to its simple method of treatment.

3. It has Anti-irritation and Anti-blister attributes that reduces irritation and enhances blister healing and checks white spots with no side effect.

4. Enhances blister healing- 

It reduces irritation and the formation of blisters, in the skin.

Note - Kindly pay attention to it that redness, itching, mild irritation or blister formation on the skin is a positive sign for erythema (pigmentation) and should not be considered as side effects.

However, perform your skin sensitivity test before applying ointments. It is best to consult a doctor at the time of severe irritation to avoid any unwanted effects or dilute the ointment with pure Jasmine oil or Coconut Oil and discontinue the sun exposure for sometimes.

5. Increases and Modulates Immunity Level - 

It improves the auto-immune system concerning both non-specific cellular and humoral immune response system that restores antioxidant defense and checks secondary infection as well.

6. Regulates metabolism and reduce stress by its exerting and relaxing characteristics on the Central Nervous System that helps improve the psychological and emotional attitude of the patient with leucoderma or vitiligo.

On the recent International Vitiligo Day (June 25, 2019), a newer version of medicine developed by DRDO has given new hope to people suffering from Leukoderma.

Seeing the benefits of the medicine, the Narendra Modi government awarded the DRDO senior scientist, Dr. Hemant Pandey at DRDO's Pithoragarh lab Defence Institute of Bio-energy Research with the "Science Award", mainly for developing a newer version of 'Lukoskin' that has been formulated to check the white spots on the skin.

To ensure domestic and global acceptance, the current government is encouraging every possible form of the scientifically recognized herbal medicine Lukoskin.

 Lukoskin ointment & oral liquid -

lukoskin drug combo pack for leucoderma

This medicine is available in two forms. First as ointments and others to be taken by mouth (oral liquid). The drug contains 13 herbs. The cream possesses 7 ingredients having properties such as skin photosensitizer, anti-irritation, anti-blister, anti-septic, wound healing, and copper supplementing qualities, which has been first introduced in the market by a private firm AIMIL pharma, while the oral intaking drug is a mixture of six herbs. 

Lukoskin can be an effective dual therapy for leucoderma and for better results, use oral liquid along with ointment.

Lukoskin Oral Liquid Composition: 

Vish Naag - Ammi majus - 20.76 mg

Bakuchi - Psoralea corylifolia - 3.84 mg

Krishna Tulsi - Ocimum americanum - 1.91 mg

Mandook parni - Centella asiatica - 3.86 mg

Kaunch - Mucuna pruriens - 0.75 mg

And soluble ash of Vish Naag -Ammi majus - 1.195 mg + 
Bakuchi - Psoralea corylifolia - 1.195 mg

Lukoskin oral liquid uses (Directions of use for Lukoskin Oral Liquid): 

Adults: 1 to 2ml diluted in a glass of water twice or thrice a day, after half an hour of meals.

Children: 10 to 20 drops diluted in a cup of water 2-3 times daily after half an hour of meals or as directed by the physician. Always use it under medical supervision.

Timings for sun exposure is recommended as following –

In Summer: In the morning - 6 - 9 am
                         In the evening - 5- 6 pm 
In Winters: In the morning - 8 - 11 am
                     In the evening -  3 pm - 5 pm 

Lukoskin ointment reviews - 

This Ointment is a part of Lukoskin combo pack which is used topically on the affected part of the skin as it increases the melanin production regarding white patches.

lukoskin ointment for leucoderma

Lukoskin ointment Composition (Ingredients of Lukoskin Ointment): 

Lukoskin Ointment contains the following ingredients – 

Gaozaban/Balchadi/Bal Jadi - Arbenia benthamii - 42 mg

Bakuchi/Babchi - Purple Fleabane - Psoralea corylifolia - 7.5 mg

Vish Naag - Bishop's weed - Ammi majus - 5.3 mg

Ark - Crown flower - Calotropis gigantea - 4.6 mg

Ghrit Kumari - Aloe vera - Aloe barbadensis Mill - 2.2 mg

Chameli oil - Common Jasmine - Jasminum officinale - 4.7 mg

Til oil - Sesame Seeds - Sesamum indicum  - 373 mg

Bakuchi/Babchi ash - Purple Fleabane - Psoralea corylifolia ash - 2.35 mg

Vish Naag ash - Bishop's weed - Ammi majus ash - 2.35 mg

Petroleum jelly (Cream base) - 556 mg / Q.S.

Lukoskin Ointment (Pack Size: 40gm) by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Lukoskin ointment uses (Method of Application of Lukoskin Ointment) : 

How to use Lukoskin ointment? 

Apply a thin layer of ointment gently on the pigmented area, once or twice a day.

After applying ointment, the affected area should be uncovered for 10-20 minutes under morning sunlight or as per the advice of your doctor. The initial period of sun exposure should be at least 5 minutes and it should be gradually increased by 2 minutes daily until the perseverance is 20 minutes.

Encouraged by Lukoksin's (second version) positive response, DRDO scientists and the supported team is working hard on a more effective and promising version of this drug to demonstrate a future aid for vitiligo patients.
So they are still engaged in research regarding the third version of Lukoskin. 

Lukoskin: Somethings to note – 

lukoskin ayurvedic formulation

Leukoskin was prepared firstly by DRDO a few years back based on Ayurvedic formula.

But the Defense Research and Development Organization has produced a second and more up to date form of lukoskin, a drug used to treat leukoderma.

DRDO has been launched in the herbal medicine market a few months back. Now this drug has been researched and made more effective treatment of vitiligo. So, In this way,  this can make treatment of leucoderma up to 90 percent. 

Again Aimil pharma was given the responsibility of launching the newer drug in the market.

The success rate of the first version of 'Lukoskin' is 60-80% which takes about 120-750 days to cure white patches on the skin whereas the new version of the drug has a success rate of up to 90% and the treatment takes 90 to 365 days. 

In this way, the new drug has many benefits such as its success rate is high, treatment can be completed soon and at the same time, the cost of the medicine will be reduced.

As indicated by experts, no effective and harmless herbal medicine yet been made to get rid of leucoderma except lukoskin.
The newer version of the drug is being used by patients whose results are good. Its tests were conducted on a hundred patients at the Government Ayurvedic College, Lucknow, with successful results.

Aimil Lukoskin ointment or oral liquid buy online

This medicine also has to be used for quite a while to get the desired result. For effective treatment, it is beneficial to use both ointments and liquids simultaneously. It is available online which can be purchased from Amazon easily. 


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