Vitiligo Cure: Meditation for Vitiligo & Stress

meditation in vitiligo

Vitiligo Meditation

Skin is the most upper and protective part of our body. Quite often the emotional effects of skin diseases can be very harmful. So, meditation can be turned out just like panacea in taking care of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a rare skin problem that has a psycho-physiological basis and can be aggravated by stress along with other emotional factors.

For this reason, clinical analysis of a patient by way of standard dermatological treatment is important before considering internal characteristics.

In addition to traditional medicine, meditation is often employed for several skin conditions such as acne, eczema, vitiligo, and psoriasis.

How Meditation Influences Your Vitiligenous Skin

Relaxation and meditation are not underestimated for focused breathing and intensifying muscle relaxation. Because these body's reactions help a lot in dealing with the harmful ramifications of stress.
Meditation is generally used to calm the mind that facilitates living a real-life and staying contented.
According to some studies, if practiced it with traditional remedies
Vitiligo shows appealing improvement.
It seems just a little strange to hear that meditation can also be suitable for managing vitiligo. Some people think that it is limited to saints and they can follow it properly. But believe it, meditation is a very simple job and anyone can follow and do it very easily. There is only a need to get information regarding this one.

However, science is a bit tight with this particular subject but it is not even 100% wrong because vitiligo is frequently associated with stress, and it can help reduce mental tension.

One can utilize it as an additional treatment for vitiligo, as is a confirmed method. Yes, one thing has to be kept in mind that it generally does not show quicker effects. This has to be continued until it offers positive results.

According to a medical study, promising benefits have already been found in vitiligo patients who underwent regular phototherapy (PUVA) while performing meditation, pranayama, and yoga exercises. Such patients were able to recover faster than those who had just photo treatment.

Your mental wellness is also important. So if you feel depressed or ashamed about your unpleasant complexion due to white patches on the skin, then get in touch with people like you who have vitiligo and talk about each other's grief.

Don't forget to talk to your dermatologist about these emotions and thoughts to refer to vitiligo support. Otherwise, many mental conditions that affect white patches can increase stress and anxiety levels. There is a simple logic with it that when your body is stress-free, hormone levels are relatively well balanced.

Role of Meditation in the Treatment of Vitiligo

When you are suffering from stress that causes your body's sympathetic nerves to transmit signals towards the adrenal glands to produce much more stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. The nervous system also influences immune cells through different receptors and chemical substances such as neuropeptides, etc.

So, it is useful in general health as well as in anxiety, depression, stress, etc.  Also, it can help you build a better relationship, focused attention, and an improved self-image. So, you check it out at the earliest opportunity in case there is any skin disorder such as vitiligo or leucoderma.

Research workers are still going for other such compounds in the skin that can trigger mental stress as it has already been established that certain types of stress interfere with the immune system and also have an effect on the capability to cure white spots on the skin. It is always worth remembering the fact that an all fit mind can keep away many diseases of our body.

Here are some easy-to-implement meditational disciplines that will serve as adjunctive therapy for skin-related disorders including vitiligo, leucoderma, and white patches. Although all of the given topics are easy to carry out, it should be executed under the supervision of an expert.

focused meditation in vitiligo

Focused attention meditation

By the way, more practice is required to do this meditation.
Nevertheless, a vitiligo patient can do it for five to ten minutes in the initial phase. In this meditation method, generally, attention is focused on a single object like your breathing, an integral part of the body, a mantra, any sound, or an external object. Often time is needed to achieve depth ness and consistency of meditation which increases slowly and strengthens the capability to maintain the flow of attention.

OM Meditation 

om meditation in vitiligo

It is also called Mantra meditation. It is a very simple approach that quickly takes you to an advanced stage of meditation, without many efforts.

In this meditation, the word OM is chanted, which is a Sanskrit word.
This is an important word for Indian Saints which has a long history in India. Generally, all Indians are familiar with this word OM.

Apart from saints, almost all the people also know about the purity with its great spiritual powers of chanting this OM word. 
However, it is a well-known fact that the chanting of this holy word OM gives a special vibration to the whole body which an executor feels very well. Probably, for this reason, the whole world has adopted this Om therapy.
According to a medical statement, it proves to be highly beneficial in the following disorders .... stress, negativity, anxiety, systemic impurity, disturbed digestive system, sleeplessness, and emotional instability.

Guided Meditation

It is known from the name that guided meditation is a method in which meditation is done according to the guidelines of an expert. Apart from this, any written text, sound recording, and video (audio-visual medium) are also used.

In our modern lifestyle, the importance of meditation is increasing day by day. Because people make maximum use of it to relieve mental stress, accelerate spiritual growth and improve the quality of life.

We are all well aware of this too that a well-crafted guided meditation gives us symbolic imagery that delivers maximum promising benefits in personal development. Aside from this, it also helps to bring more energy and joy in your life,  and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind, that affects positive personal changes. It also reduces anxiety, depression, fatigue, and exhaustion.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness practice is considered to be always a great way of focusing your attention in today's times. Because it has now been scientifically investigated that it is useful in reducing stress, achieving total bliss, and overall happiness.

Zen meditation

zen meditation in vitiligo

This experiment is often considered a powerful means of observing thoughts and feelings arising in the mind during meditation. It is known for developing insights into the mind.
Although many popular forms of meditation exist, Zen meditation is a much deeper one, whose main goal is to keep the body alive through meditation and reduce mental stress.

Final words about Meditation for those with Vitiligo and Leucoderma

After reading through the above-mentioned content, it has been completely obvious that the use of meditation is more helpful for vitiligo mainly associated with mental diseases.
Although you can find out other great things about meditation, its importance in skin disease also cannot be denied. In particular, it plays an important role in vitiligo sufferers as 70 percent of the patients in this disease often have problems with anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem, insomnia, etc.

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