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Welcome To Ayurvikalpa Vitiligo Clinic

Ayurvikalpa Vitiligo Clinic is a leading Ayurvedic center to take care of Leucoderma/Vitiligo/Safed daag which is located in Varanasi, U.P., India.

The founder of the center is Dr. Rajesh Kumar (B.A.M.S.) whose goal is to treat only VITILIGO suffering patients.

We at Ayurvikalpa Vitiligo Clinic, we use 100% pure herbs to make this medicine, which can improve your life from multiple points of view.

We are expert in dealing with Vitiligo and always standing up to help you. We've helped a large number of patients of all age ranges to battle the condition called Leucoderma/Safed Daag and have also been successful in bringing smiles with their faces.

The facts confirm that allopathic medicines like cortisones/steroids can provide you a quick result regarding Vitiligo but it only suppresses the symptoms of the condition and as soon as treatment is discontinued, the disease raises again.

Apart from this, steroid is an immunosuppressive drug which can suppress your immune system and make you more prone. If it used for a lot longer, there may be undesirable effects as well. 
Therefore, there is a good advice for patients to make a proper distance from steroids and choose a safe method like Ayurveda.

However, getting rid of white patches from Ayurvedic treatment can take a longer time but offers an optimistic treatment option.

Here we don't use any sort of chemical compound during the preparation of medicine so that makes you free from vitiligo.

This is a boon for disappointed patients.

Unfortunately, all Ayurvedic centers don't offer genuine treatment. So keeping this in mind, we have come to you with this medicine and tell the whole world about it.

Unlike other Ayurvedic treatment centers, we don't compromise in composing medicine because our aim is to offer a flawless Ayurvedic service. So, in this way, it is just a 100% natural product without any side effects.

Furthermore, it is also available at an affordable price so you need not empty your wallet when ordering medicine.

We have brought very effective herbal remedies for white patches and constantly focused around great outcomes. So that the path of healthy life can come true.

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