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buy medicine for vitiligo

Do you suffer from VITILIGO / LEUCODERMA?

Tired of getting treatments from different places. 

Then you are in the right place. 

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It is a common assumption that treatment of white patches is not possible. If you suppose so, put off this matter out of your mind. Because the right solution is always available in Ayurveda to deal with Vitiligo.

If choosing the proper medicine then you can be free from white spots (Safed Daag).

We have picked some distinct and exclusive herbs after in-depth studies and intensive research through the Ancient Indian books, and various other Ayurvedic texts that are primarily based on the standards we've got set for you.
So straight away, you should make a striking move to improve the quality of your skin wellbeing now.

Treatment of white spots is not possible in some other therapy except Ayurveda. Only PUVA (ultraviolet light therapy), steroidal, or surgical treatment options are available in Allopathy to treat Leucoderma and that's quite expensive.

Here we offer a cost-effective Ayurvedic medicine to manage Vitiligo which is free from side effects.

This treatment can enable you to halt the progress and fix Vitiligo for all times as it has been developed after comprehensive in-house research.

You can be surprised, but there are thousands of folks throughout India who are putting off white patches by way of using our medicine.

Now it's your turn.

Furthermore, you can use our keen expertise in the prestigious medical field with our vast knowledge of traditional herbal medicine which we are committed to presenting to you. 

We are understanding very well the value of your wellbeing.

Get the best medicine for Vitiligo and see immediate results naturally.

100% Ayurvedic, safe, and superior treatment for Vitiligo.

No side effects. Get a free consultation.

This medicine has helped thousands of patients, including men, women, and kids as well to triumph over the embarrassment because of Vitiligo.

You too can be benefited from this treatment of Vitiligo.

This medicine is capable to cure Leucoderma and to prevent the process of further development.

No high cost of the treatment. No health center admission required and do not need an individual clinic visit. 

Treat yourself at your home. 

Get medicine at your home by using a Courier service or Speed post.

Features and Health Benefits

    Stimulates melanogenesis.
    Activates Melanin synthesis - Stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin.
    Immunomodulator - Modulates immunity system.
    Promotes the transfer of melanin in the skin.
    Helps in Conjunction with UV therapy.

Important ingredients

This Antivitiligo powder is a polyherbal blend used for Vitiligo/Leucoderma/Safed Daag in which different types of herbs, roots, leaves, and nuts are used to make this medicine, which include –

1.      Bhringraj - False Daisy - Eclipta Alba
2.    Neem - Indian lilac - Azadirachta indica
3.    Brahmi - Waterhyssop - Bacopa monnieri
4.    Sonth - Ginger - Zingiber officinalis
5.     Bakuchi beej - Psoralea Seed - Psoralea corylifolia
6.    Bhallataka - Marking Nut - Semecarpus anacardium
7.     Halad - Turmeric - Curcuma longa
8.    Kutki -Picroliv - Picrorhiza kurroa
9.    Vacha -  Sweet Flag - Acorus Calamus
10.Shatamull - Buttermilk root - Asparagus racemocus
11.  Chakramarda beej - Sickle Senna - Cassia tora             
12.Sarapunkha - Wild indigo - Tephrosia purpurea 
13.Kakudumbara - Hairy Fig - Ficus hispida
14.Vijayasar - Indian kino tree - Pterocarpus marsupium
15. Priyangu - Beautyberry - Callicarpa macrophylla
16.Dill/Shatapushpa - Peucedanum graveolens
17. Ambhasa - Black Vetiver - Coleus vettiveroides
18.Palasa - Bastard teak - Butea monosperma
19.Serpent fern - Polypodium leucotomos/ Phlebodium aureum.
20.Kalijiri - Black cumin - Vernonia anthelmintica       
21.Kharbuza - Muskmelon - Cucumis melo
22.Tulsi beej - Basil - Ocimum sanctum
23.Arishta beej - Soapberry - Sapindus mukorossi      
24.Chitrak mool - Leadwort - Plumbago zeylanica      
25.Vidanga - False black pepper - Embelia ribes
26.Khadira - Black Catechu - Acacia catechu
27.Manjistha- Indian Madder - Rubia cordifolia    
28.Kantakari - Yellow-fruit nightshade - Solanum virginianum
29.Erand beej - Castor bean - Ricinus communis
30.Dantimul - Wild Castor - Baliospermum montanum
31.Amaltas - Indian Laburnum - Cassia fistula
32.Suryamukhi - Sunflower - Helianthus annuus

Medicine cost -

* For 1 Month Regular Medicine - ₹1000 (One Thousand Rs. Only) including shipping charge.

* For 3 Months Regular Medicine - ₹2700 (Two Thousand Seven Hundred Rs. Only) including shipping charge.

Note - Cost includes shipping charges within India only.

Kindly note that we don't ship medicine as cash on delivery (COD) basis. Only NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and direct cash deposit through Bank are valid for purchasing the medicine.

To avoid delay in dispatching the medication, email a screenshot of the deposit slip or WhatsApp on  ‘9889971201’  for confirmation.

Orders are sent for processing only after confirmation of payment.
You will be given instant information in the wake of dispatching the medicine.

Delivery Info -

Order Processing Time - 1-2 days.
Delivery Time - 2-3 days.
Working days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays - Closed.


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If you have any query then contact on phone -

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  • This is an effective herbal formulation for re-pigmentation of Vitiligo and the effects will start appearing after regular use of 2-3 months. 

  • Kindly note that results may vary person to person because it is depended on different factors like family history, patient's age, types of skin, duration of the disease, extension of patches etc.